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Sometimes stick figures do the trick! When your cousin who lives in Germany asks you what ice cream makers are… you do this to explain! Nice work Cat! #Warriors #Creative #gymnastical #TrojanCrossfit

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Some fantastic deadlift pointers from a familiar face :) Kevin Don @kevinthecoach ・・・ Lots of people always asking for a reminder of the main points of performance on the deadlift from my seminars, so here goes. Set up will be unique and individual, based upon hip width and lever length. Taller athletes will be closer to the bar and more shin positive. My set up is typically with my knees directly over the midfoot with my shins vertical when viewed from the front. You will find a lot of CrossFit athletes are too narrow and force the knees out too wide. Once the load increases this will be a weak position and the knees will inwardly track. My hands are as close to my legs as possible to try and only have vertical load force acted out on me by the barbell. If your hands are wider than under your shoulders, then you give an extra horizontal load force to the bar. My head is neutral to maximize recruitment of posterior chain. I was using a mixed grip here because I had exceeded the weight I could support in a pronated grip and I didn’t have lifting straps with me. If you do use a mixed grip, be aware of the change in hand distance on the supinated hand and ensure grip equidistance. If you have any bicep issues I would avoid mixed grip. The height of my hip and angle of the thigh will depend on whether I am lifting max weight low rep (strength) or if I am doing submaximal weight high rep (a CrossFit wod) if you are doing high rep I would recommend a higher hip position to minimize the ROM. You won’t be as strong but you will be faster and at submaximal load strength won’t be the issue. Elbows are facing to the rear, triceps against lats. This will retract and depress the scapula and minimize the likelihood of breaking at thoracic spine. Keeping the scapula tight will also keep the bar path close. Weak scapular retraction will mean the bar will roll away from you and become heavy. Facing the elbows to the rear shortens the arms and makes it easy to take the slack out the bar. Deep breath to create intra abdominal pressure and pull, keeping bar path straight. Only pull to above the knee then hip extension. #deadlift #Crossfit #powerlifting

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Front Squats at 84% todaaaaay. #ForSerious #LifeAlertMode #SquatYourFaceOff #TrojanCrossfit #Warriors #WarriorsComeOutToPlay #DTLA

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Attention Members! There’s currently a power outage at the gym. 6am class, we could make do, but it’ll be dark… 7am, it might still be darkish inside, but we can sort something out. Parking lot work out or something. Otherwise, I suggest coming mid day onwards. The power/electric company is working on it to try sort it out. Anyway, just a heads up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Think you can hang with the competition WOD? Every Saturday morning we do partner competition workouts from 8:30am-9:30am. Email if you are interested in trying it out. #CrossFit #crossfiteternal #competition

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Good luck to all 12L athletes competing today! Believe in your training and have fun.

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Saturday's are my favorite #CrossFit #crossfiteternal #workout #community #cfefamily #fitness #charlotte #flexibility

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It's cold outside. Come warm up with some assault bike, wallballs, and ring rows!

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Saturday February 13, 2016 WOD: 25min AMRAP 400m Run 20 KB Farmer's Carry Lunges (24/16) 15 Push Press (115/75) Scaled - 16/12, 75/45 Rx - As written Competitor - 32/24, 135/95 Accessory Work: "Partner Battle" - head to head for max time or reps in the following movements; Hollow Rock Pull Up Bar Hang Wallballs *Full recovery between each battle.

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(Saturday February 13, 2015), has been published on CrossFit Local | The #1 Chapel Hill CrossFit!: " Workout of the Day A. Every two minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets of): Snatch Balance x 2-3 reps Build in weight over the course of the 8 sets. B. Rx: L2: L1: Three rounds for time of: 5 Bar Muscle-ups (m)/C2B pull-ups (f) 5 C2B pull-ups (m)/pull-ups (f) 5 Jumping pull-ups 15..." Read More,

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Weekend Schedule: Saturday (tomorrow): Team WOD 10am, ReVamp Camp 11am (If your interested in training for competitions talk with me.) Sunday: Closed, Valentines Day

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Saturday, February 13, 2016: for time: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 strict handstand pushup front squat @ 195/125-lbs. lateral burpee workout courtesy of crossfit regionals 2014

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Hey, CF Brave folks! Sign up for the Open and join our team! We'll be doing the workouts every Saturday morning. You can WOD and cheer on your swole mates as they put up the best score they can!

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Every Friday we are highlighting the story of a CFH athlete: Below is a picture of Laurie D. on the assault bike during the Battle of Baltimore. It’s difficult to tell in this picture, but Laurie is 5 months pregnant! Laurie and her team (with Becca and Ben S.) competed in the scaled division at the Battle of Baltimore a few weeks ago. Competitions can seem scary, but everyone goes in with a different goal. Some are in it to win it, others are simply looking to better themselves physically surrounded by the support of the community. Great job to Laurie and to all those who competed at the BoB!

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Hey Performance-ers! Quick Question for you all.......

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The Bombshell Battle 2016 already has teams registered from CrossFit Bel Air, CrossFit ReVamped, CrossFit Execution, 12 Labours, Crossfit Hanover and Athletic Asylum CrossFit White Marsh. Register today for one of the most unique and fun comps in the area!

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Your Open. Your Story. Your Community. Get your badge and let's do work together, #InTheOpen

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If you pick up the weekly Academy Sports + Outdoors brochure, be sure to be on the lookout for Behemoth CrossFits facility featured on page 4!

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#traintolive #arenalfitness

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Voting is still open for Washington City Paper's annual, "BEST OF DC" Reader's Poll! You can place your vote for MPH as "Best CrossFit Gym" by following this link: Thank you for your support! #raisethebar

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The CrossFit Open is right around the corner. If you need any explantation on why you should sign up, read Katherine Lin's personal take on it here...

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8:15 class getting in their squat therapy with Danielle this morning. "Working the pole!"

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Base Camp this Saturday, Feb 13 -- well, this is just going to be a total cluster! Wait! Before you start frowning at such family-unfriendly language... we're serious! This weekend, we'll tackle the sneaky combination move known as the "Cluster," the squat-clean-to-thruster (Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds!). As always, we'll cover the how-to's and what-if's, from points of performance to common coaching cues and the weight selections and scaling options that are best for you. For those who haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, Base Camp classes -- Saturdays 11:30am at H Street, and 1pm at 14th Street -- are geared towards our newer members as a “bridge” between our introductory Elements series and our open-level group classes. If you’re looking for some extra coaching on fundamental movements, this is the place to be! Base Camp Saturday, Feb 13: (Photo: Charles W.)

noellelliott published the post Fit Shaming: Why Does My Fit Lifestyle Bother You So Much? on Tabata Times
[pullquote align="right"]When someone who is overweight declares that they are going on a diet, it...
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CrossFit Silicon Valley shared a link on Facebook

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"If the first thing that you’re doing is laying down onto the floor to 'mobilize' (you’re really just being lazy), you’re pretty much priming the body to react in a way that would form into a mindset of not wanting to be in the gym." Read more in our latest blog post:

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FRIDAY 160212 SHORT INTERVALS A) STRENGTH & CONDITIONING - 2 rounds: :60 Jumping jacks. 10 Air squats. 10 Toe touches per leg. 50m crab walk (hips up). 5 BB Front squats. - DE: Box Front Squat (Pause). Every Minute on the Minute for 10 minutes of: 2 BFS @ 60% of 2 RM. Focus on position and remain fast after the pause! B) SKILLS & DRILLS Perform 25-45 minutes of skill work before beginning your Endurance Workout below. C) SINGLE-SPORT ENDURANCE WOD Choose ONE of the following Sports… - Swim (THURS): “Tabata” 8 x 25m sprint / :10 Rest - Bike (THURS): “Tabata” 8 x :20 sprint / :10 Rest - Run (THURS): “Tabata” 8 x :20 sprint / :10 Rest, Place treadmill incline at 8 – 10% grade, Pace at 85% of 5K TT pace. - Row (THURS): “Tabata” 8 x :20 sprint / :10 Rest - Ruck (THURS): “Tabata” 8 x :20 sprint / :10 R, Place treadmill incline at 8 – 10% grade, Pace at 85% of 5K TT pace, NO RUCK SACK. *Focus on a long and steady warm up. Treat the intensity seriously* MULTI-SPORT ENDURANCE WOD - Run (FRI): “Tabata” 8 x :20 sprint / :10 Rest, Place treadmill incline at 8 – 10% grade, Pace at 85% of 5K TT pace.

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Mobility: Shoulder Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10 minutes working up to a challenging hang power snatch + overhead squat. Plan on hitting that weight for 2-3 sets. Strength: None Super Set: None Metabolic Conditioning: “All Along the Watchtower” For time. 21-15-9 Hang power snatch (or hang to overhead - clean and jerks acceptable) (Performance: 115lb / Athletic: 75lb* / Health: 55lb) [ 135 more words. ]

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Friday - February 12, 2016 Context: Practice Mobility: Hip (playlist video here) Skill Practice Warm Up: None Strength: 2-2-2-2-2-2-2 Overhead Squat (7 sets of 2 reps, increase weight for each set) Super Set: 7x5 ring row (7 sets of 5 reps, “across,” same weight for each set) Metabolic Conditioning: “Let’s Get Physical” 7 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 3,6,9,12…. [ 116 more words. ]

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Recover as hard as you train! Happy Thursday. #IMstrong #CFIM #crossfit

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Changing lives everyday! #CFIM2 #IMstrong #IMnation

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If someone told you that you could improve your athletic performance by wearing headphones for 15-20 minutes during your warm-up, would you believe them? I was skeptical, but after more than a dozen competitive Invictus athletes used Halo Sport for 3-4 weeks, the results were undeniable. We didn’t change the training program or plan for PRs…but they kept happening. This is a game changer for athletes! Check it out -> and like them on Facebook at Halo Neuroscience.

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IMyoga at CFIM2!

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josho25 published the post What CrossFit has taught me about Leadership on
Being an athlete most of my life I always like to try new things that push and challenge me. When I...
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Camaraderie is agony paired with laughter. It's the reason why the box feels like home, tough workouts paired with high fives are a good combo. #DoTheHardThings

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We always knew there was something special about "CrossFit Moms" and this helps point it out!

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“When I first started, I was afraid to walk into the gym, thinking, ‘People are gonna look at me, people are gonna laugh at me …’" —Daniel Casey #crossfit #alisocrossfit

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Milton pushing some ladies around town

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Wednesday 2.10.16 30:00 EMOM Even: (Snatch + Heaving Snatch Balance + OHS) @ 75-85% Odd: 45sec Cal Row Record total cals ___________________________ Post WOD Core 10-15 Turkish Getups per side or Build up and set a max TGU (must complete on both sides to count)

Kristy Parrish published the post Dying for Results? Stick With It on
[pullquote align="right"][T]he 6-8 week period is right where we start to see the results of our...
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